There are many methodologies for reviewing and creating strategy.

Our Approach –

We will work closely with you to find the right approach for your organisation and your people. Whichever method we employ, it will always be well-grounded in good practice and keep people at the heart of the process.

Broadly, there are 3 stages:



Analysis involves understanding the internal strengths and weaknesses of your organisation and considering how they align with the external opportunities and threats.



Choice must involve all key stakeholders and ensure decisions are aligned with their purposes, goals and aspirations. Without their buy-in, your new strategy is unlikely to be effective.



Implementation tends to be the most fallible part of the process and requires careful management from a core team of stakeholders. Eriskay will work closely with you to ensure the new strategy becomes embedded in your business.

Our Model

Eriskay founder, Mark Taylor, has created an integrated model of strategy to ensure you get the most out of this collaborative process:


Our Products

Detailed Strategic Audit

A great place to start your strategic journey - read more


What is it?

A Strategic Audit takes a detailed look at the prevailing strategies in key areas of the organisation. Asking the right questions and identifying and implementing appropriate actions enables the organisation to get on course and stay on course.

Whilst each organisation is likely to have unique strategic issues to explore, most audits are closely related to the following key questions:

  • What business are we in?
  • Do we have the team to deliver a winning strategy?
  • What are the key external factors affecting the organisation?
  • Are we doing the right things?
  • Are we doing things right?
  • Is our intended strategy sustainable, feasible and achievable (SFA)?
  • How do we translate strategy into action?
  • How will we know when we’ve been successful?

Who should use it?

The strategic audit is the ideal starting point for all new ventures and for any business or organisation wishing to develop and grow.

What does it involve?

Strategic Audits are conducted from a specially devised template based on the key questions listed above. These are adapted to suit the specific focus of the organisation. The template then provides the basis for investigation and discussion with key members of the management team.

A sample audit template can be downloaded here.


What are the outcomes?

As a result of the strategic audit, organisations gain and understanding of the nature and extent of existing strategies and the level of consistency and buy in across the management team.

A documentary output is provided which includes:

  • An overview of existing strategies, including strengths and weaknesses;
  • A graphic analysis of the organisations strategic focus;
  • Assessment and outline recommendations for strategic development.

Making Strategy

Create winning strategies using a unique interactive approach - read more


What is it?

Making Strategy delivers improved organisational performance through the creation of a robust business model and supporting strategies. It is based on a unique visual mapping process and is easy to access for all key players in the organisation. Previous customers highlight significant improvements across all areas of the organisation as well as a greater sense of buy-in across teams.


Who should use it?

It is our belief that all organisations need a robust business model and a focussed management team in order to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace. Our customers are from all backgrounds including growing SMEs and public and third sector organisations.


What does it involve?

A Making Strategy programme involves between 1 and 4 days of contact time with the strategy making team and a corresponding amount of support time for analysis, reporting and feedback.
The key stages include:

  • Introduction and Orientation
    This entails meeting the strategy making team, providing orientation to the programme and agreeing key parameters and target outcomes.
  • The Making Strategy Intervention
  • Devising the strategic issues ‘Radar’
  • Developing a comprehensive system of goals
  • Exploring organisational competencies, assets and resources
  • Developing the business model and supporting strategies
  • Analysis and Report Generation
    The major outputs from the Intervention are analysed using a range of quantitative and qualitative techniques and a report of 8-12 pages is generated.
  • Feedback, Revision and Implementation
    After a period of reflection, the strategy making team reviews the report and discusses the content and implications. This leads to a programme of implementation which can include a simple action plan or a more detailed balanced scorecard.


What are the outcomes?

  • A robust visual business model
  • An implementation plan with key actions, time frames and owners
  • Supporting documentation and reports
  • Renewed focus to the core aims of the business
  • Enhanced performance across all key areas of the business
  • A format and simple ‘language’ for future strategic development

Scenario Planning

Plan effectively for the future - read more


Scenario Planning

Quite simply, it is impossible to plan effectively for the future without a realistic understanding of the changeable forces acting on an organisation.
The business environment is subject multiple influences from political, economic, social and technological factors and organisations must be responsive and adaptive to these diverse influences. Scenario planning involves a structured investigation into the forces driving change that affects your business environment.

Through a robust analysis and development process, the management team devises the most likely future outcomes that the business will need to deal with.
This ‘outside in’ approach creates the most realistic context for an organisation to plan and strategise for, and serves as an effective ‘Wind Tunnel’ for the business model.

Strategic Implementation

eg Balanced Scorecards - read more


The balanced scorecard

The balanced scorecard provides a structured system for implementing the strategic intent of the organisation.

Utilising the four pillars of customers, process, finance and vision & growth, the scorecard is an integrated basis for mobilising the people and resources of the organisation, ensuring all the key players are on the same page and pulling in the same direction.

As a management system, the balanced scorecard is the most effective and respected method for delivering organisational growth.




“So far, a few months in, we have seen improvements in sales, improvement in marketing, improvement in processes and improvement in people.

Eriskay is one of the best investments we have made in years!”

Allan Ross, MD, First Independent Finance

“Eriskay Associates have worked with a number of our portfolio firms. I believe that their Strategic Framework is unique and was very beneficial to the firms involved such that it significantly improved their performance.

I would strongly recommend Eriskay to other firms in need of a strategic review or improved profitability.”

Frank F Craig, PhD MBA, Scottish Institute for Enterprise

“Working with Mark through Eriskay Associates has brought an exceptional clarity and focus to our business. Already, we are achieving far higher results than we had ever thought possible, and this is translating into greater profit.

Mark has brought insight and commitment to our business that has helped us realise not only what we have already achieved but just how much more there is to come. What’s more, we are enjoying it! I have no hesitation in recommending Mark and the team to other businesses looking to grow, prosper and enjoy their work.”

Robin Smith, 4c Design

Mark always takes time to get a good understanding of the client’s needs and then works diligently to deliver the work.

An expert is his field, I would have no problem recommending him to facilitate and assist companies with their strategic thinking.

Christopher Moule, Business Advisor at University of Strathclyde

If you’d like to discuss what’s involved in a strategic review or creating a new strategy
then call Mark on 07515 580520 or complete our contact form.


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