Our Approach

Developing people is at the heart of what we do. After all, the best way to make your organisation more effective is to make your people more knowledgeable.

Eriskay will work with you to identify your business aims and objectives, as well as the skills people need to deliver them.

We adopt a collaborative and consultative approach throughout to optimise buy-in from participants and key players.

Eriskay’s approach is effective because:

  • We utilise a combination of hard and soft skills to deliver successful training.
  • We believe all training should provide a Return on Investment and will help you implement measureable improvement.
  • We put the personal needs of trainees, as well as business needs, at the heart of the process.

Our Credentials

  • As part of the PwC Core Consulting Skills Team, our founder has delivered programmes across the organisation to delegates ranging from Senior Associate to Partner level.
  • Mark Taylor has delivered Dynamics of Strategy for the Open University MBA programme to managers from blue chip companies, SMEs, public sector and third sector.
  • Since 2011, Eriskay have designed and delivered training programmes for the middle and senior managers of Devro PLC.

This (comparatively) well known exchange might typify
the reason why firms should invest in training:


Our Products

Strategy for Leaders: The Strategic Process

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This half-day workshop will:

  • Underline the importance of a shared strategy and the difference between those companies that have a strategy and those that don’t…
  • And, the importance of buy-in… Without stakeholder and senior management support it’s not happening!
  • Establish Groundwork and Fundamentals: What do you want to achieve? For whom? By when, etc…
  • Explore Stakeholder Perspectives: Take a walk around your organisation… Try to see it from others’ points of view.
  • Help you set a comprehensive system of goals and objectives.
  • Introduce the Integrated Model of Strategy
  • Provide an overview of the next 3 workshops
  • Provide takeaway materials including 3 key documents that are critical to the future of your industry or market.

Strategy for Leaders: Analysis

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  • Acknowledging the complex relationship between: People, Organisation, Industry/Market and the Business Environment.
  • Outside in v Inside out: Find the approach that suits you.
  • External Analysis:
  • A fundamental question: What does it take to succeed in your industry?
    – The Wider Business Environment (PESTLE)
    – The Industry Environment (Porters Five Forces + How many others?)
    – Industry Key Success Factors
  • Internal Analysis
  • Understanding our Resources and Capabilities:
    – Human
    – Tangible
    – Intangible
  • Assessing their strategic significance
  • Case Studies:
    – What makes Starbucks Successful?
    – Why did HMV Fail?
    – What are the strategically significant resources and capabilities in your organisation?
  • Mapping and linking
  • Building up the picture


Strategy for Leaders: Making Choices

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  • A key element of choosing is to find the best alignment between your capabilities and the industry key success factors.
  • This must be done in a manner that is consistent with organisational purpose (or the purpose may need to be changed)
  • It must also be acceptable to the majority of stakeholders.
  • Generate Options around
    – Where to compete (products and markets – See Right Upper)
    – How to compete (price-leadership or differentiation) (See Right Lower)
  • Model each option and appraise against:
    – Suitability
    – Feasibility
    – Acceptable
  • Allow key stakeholders to select the preferred option(s) based on these criteria.
  • Be prepared for a negotiation, amendment and refinement.


Strategy for Leaders: Implementation

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  • This is where most strategies fail!! So how do you avoid the common pitfalls and create lasting and valuable change?
  • First of all – Understand what we can and can’t influence
  • Understand the crucial role of culture (as Drucker suggests “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”)
  • Find the right models to support your implementation
  • Embed the new strategy and sustain momentum


Planning for the Future

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“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there” (Lewis Caroll)
Understanding what you and your key stakeholders really want to achieve is key to creating real success. This programme helps you create a share vision for the future and establish a plan to get you there.
The programme is built around an 8 Step model:
How we see the company / organisation in its ideal future
An internal statement of our purpose for existing
The general aspirations we have for our business
The specific targets we set (SMART)
How we will achieve our goals and objectives to deliver our mission and realise our vision (!)
What we need to do
How we will know when we have succeeded
What we will get out of it


Leadership and Teambuilding

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The focus here is on bringing out the best in your people and starts with a challenging and interactive business game, to set the scene for exploring our leadership and teamworking styles.

The programme explores:

  • The meaning of TEAM
  • The stages of team development and how to progress
  • What we each bring to the team (using role analysis)
  • Our leadership styles
    Bringing it all Together: Playing to Strengths and Managing Weaknesses
  • Supporting tools: making better decisions, setting priorities and allocating tasks.


Our Recent Posts on Learning and Development



Bringing greater insight to analysis of data and of client organisations as a whole is an important development area for all of our consultants. In EMEA Consulting Learning & Development we have been privileged to work together with Mark as our external consultant and lead tutor for the past 3 years. I value Mark’s pragmatic approach to skills development. He also promotes going beyond it and challenges consultants’ thinking models and mindsets. This helped improve their judgement about how much analysis is needed and why and be more sensitive to client’s environment.

Mark has been all we have been asking for in a trusted business advisor. He has been flexible to our demands and firm in his convictions that positively influenced our team considerations. He has been available for brief consultations to test our plans with him and offer valuable advice.

Mark excels in the multicultural classroom sessions – he builds close connections with the learners and fellow tutors. We rely on his ability to blend the use of learning technologies (e.g. immersive computer-based simulation) with the inspiring teaching and facilitation.

Mr Marian Plasschaert

PwC | EMEA Consulting learning

Mark Taylor and I have worked together on a contextualised, in-house management development programme for a global manufacturing company for many years.

From the start, Mark has been a valued colleague, drawing on his academic and business expertise to design the programme to meet the company’s specific learning and development needs. This involved spending time on-site to understand the manufacturing process and organisational culture, which then influenced the student support he provided.

Mark proved so successful with the students and the company that he has been requested to be their OU tutor going forward and was asked to develop and deliver a series of leadership webinars to support their performance review process.
Mark is an enthusiastic and friendly professional who you can trust to deliver the goods and it is a pleasure to work with such a safe pair of hands.

Jackie Baker
Corporate Development Manager
Open University in Scotland

Mark designed and delivered a support programme for a global group from our Company which ran alongside an Open University course in Management.
Mark provided regular online tutorials so all delegates could come together to share their experiences and receive support from Mark as they progressed through the programme.
As well as this, Mark ran 2 workshops for the entire Group.  During these sessions Mark was able to use great examples from his own experience to make the learning come to life.
During the course of the 18 month programme Mark was always on hand if any delegate was struggling with their assignments.  I contacted him a number of times over weekends and he always came back promptly with advice and suggestions.
Knowledge, support and direction were provided at the highest level.

Thanks Mark.

Sally Russell
HR Coordinator
Devro PLC

Mark is one of the most conscientious people that I have had the privilege to work with.

He combines a passion for learning and quality, curiousity and interest in the world around him, excellent research and analytical skills, with genuine concern for the people and world around him and a commitment to create and add value.

Lesley Hetherington

Enterprise facilitator, workshop designer and leader,
early stage start-up coach

If you’d like to discuss how Eriskay Associates can help you bring out the best in your business
then call Mark on 07515 580520 or complete our contact form.


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